Monday, October 08, 2007

Still not in a writing mood

Well, here it is, a couple of weeks later, and I really have nothing to say. I did some training at work, life is quite mundane lately. Actually kind of nice.

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's been a while...

Well, I'm all moved into the new house. Moved in on Friday the 13th of April.

Lot's of stuff has happened between then and now. I've been absolutely overwhelmed at work, dated a new woman, broke up with said woman and become lost and confused all over again.

I'll try to keep up better than this, but I'm really not thinking about much lately, mostly going through the motions. I'm kind of hoping that getting back into this and communicating with some old/new friends will snap me back into reality...wish me luck. It has little to do with the woman, but more along the lines of I'm really, really tired. Wore out. I need a rest. I need to not be here - missing the Vegas trip with D really messed me up I think. That extended weekend is something I need on occasion - 3 to 5 days of drinking too much, looking at the "plastic" ladies walking around, gambling, and not getting anywhere near enough sleep.

I'm glad that there is another couple of vacations coming up soon - an annual retreat with friends in October and the annual hunting trip in November...I need to be not at work for a while.

Take care and I'll see you around.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

?Super? Super Bowl?

Hmmm, I just finished watching the Super Bowl about an hour and a half ago.

While I am very happy that the Colts won, I am a bit torn about the game itself.

If you watched, you will find that it may have been the most lopsided Super Bowl in many a year. While the score looked close, the Colts basically kicked the holy crap out of the Bears. It was ugly.

Now, why was I rooting for the Colts, since I'm a Packers fan? Well, one, Tony Dungy. I lived in Indy for a few years during the start of the Tony Dungy era at Indianapolis. He is truly a man who understands what football is: a game. And on top of that, he is a gentlemen. While I think it's cool that he is the first black head coach to win the Super Bowl, I think it's even cooler that he says "I wasn't the first that had the talent to do it." He's humble and just an all around good guy. He's someone I would like to have as a coach, I think. And not just for that silly game the grown up boys play.

Two, Peyton Manning. Seriously, it's hard to find fault in the football player named Peyton. I'm sure there are faults in the human named Peyton, but as a football player, he's someone that you'd like all quarterbacks to emulate.

Three, Marvin Harrison. There's little known about this guy, because he's just not good in front of a microphone, so he typically pays the NFL imposed fines and turns down interviews. One of his comments on media day was "It's all the eyes that bother me." If that ain't me, I don't know what's cool that someone who has that kind of talent overcomes those horrible feelings and still goes in front of "all the eyes" and shares said talent every week during the football season.

Four, all the other "good guys" on the Colts roster. You don't have a good team that has a cancer in the locker room (I can only think of the Terrell Owens - he's a great receiver, but I think he drags his teams down with his idiocy in the locker room and other places off the field). And they haven't shown that kind of crack in the veneer, so good for all of them, from the "lowly" janitors and receptionists to Ted Marchibroda.

Anyway, here's to the Indianapolis Colts and their wonderful season.

PS Thanks for beating up on the Bears for us Packer fans! :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Comment on the weather

Okay, folks who live south of's f*cking cold up here!

Predicted highs for tomorrow? Zero degrees Fahrenheit. Yep, that's 17.8 degrees BELOW zero Celsius, and a very cold 255.4 degrees Kelvin. Tonight's low is predicted for -13 degrees Fahrenheit - good Lord that's cold!

Basically, I have a fairly simple scale:

85 degrees or hotter - f*cking hot OR the air conditioning is quite comfy, I believe I'll stay inside today

55 - 85 degrees - comfortable and livable

15 - 55 degrees - probably want to wear some level of a jacket

15 degrees and below - f*cking cold OR kiss my ass, I'm not going out there! OR please start the fire, thank you very much!

So I'll be staying inside for the next week or so. Venturing out only when starvation is an issue (I'm pretty chunky, I could miss a meal without too much draw down on my reserves :) ) and only when I have to go to/from work (can't buy heat without some cashola). And the gas fire is roaring in the corner right now - only thing I'll miss in my new house come April...

Weather report says a heat wave is coming next weekend (20 degrees for a high on Friday and 23 by Sunday). Rest of the week is predicted at 15 or lower for HIGH temperatures.


Friday, February 02, 2007

A question of respect...

I was in St. Louis all week this week. I stayed in a hotel with one of those hot continental breakfasts (actual hot eggs, sausages, gravy, biscuits, french toast, plus all the yogurt, donuts, etc that all the old continental breakfasts seemed to have). Bland, but you could fill up on something hot and tasteless to get through the morning.

Well, I was struck by something this morning. The cook, who happened to be this older lady that looked like life had been a bit rough on, was cooking and smiling at all of us as we went through the line and saying "good morning". I was shocked when I noticed that I was the only one who seemed to be responding back to her. In fact, one "gentleman" basically just gave her a big old frown, as if to say "Why are you speaking to me? You aren't worth a response."

Have we slid so far in American society that all people who are "below" our standard of living no longer exist? WTF? I was insulted for her - I don't think she was bothered by it, but I was. I mean, where does this line of non-existence fall? Is it because she had dentures (it was pretty obvious, and she was only a few years older than me, maybe mid 40's)? Is it because she was our "servant"? Is that what we are going back to, a feudal view of the other people we live with, depending upon what they do, how much money they have actually sets their value as a human being?

If so, I really think we, as Americans (and for that matter, HUMANS), are on a very, very wrong path...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I wish they would stop doing that...

I again must make a statement about people writing my thoughts. Most specifically, the same gosh darn friend did it to me again.

They posted a couple of days ago about webs. About how they used to feel that needing people was a weakness.

Damn it, knock it off! Getting continually kicked in the head get's a bit frustrating, even though it's probably a very good way to get my attention.

I'm still in the process of realization here, that there is more to this life than my "simplification" plan (I have been on a binge of simplification these last few years - if you make your life small enough, it is much simpler). Well, having it be so freaking simple is a blessing and a curse. Simple means more "me" time. Simple also means more "me" time...get the problem? I need to find my balance point, my center, and I don't believe that anyone's center truly lands inside of them, it's a fulcrum outside of you, that helps you to balance the you with the rest of the world. In a see saw battle, mine is still placed far from me and the lever arm on my side is VERY long (the "me" is still easily the most important), but I'm working on it.

Maybe some of my few friend's wisdom will finally rub off on me...and maybe one day, I'll get to understanding my life better than I do now.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The date is set...

Today, I went and talked with the financial people.

I will be closing on my new home on April 11, 2007.

I am planning on an April 13 move date, but am a touch superstitious at this point and maybe a 16th move date might work better with my weird avoidance bone.

Super cool! I think a house warming party will have to be held off until at least May, just to give me a chance to kind of get settled in, so on, so forth.